Annual Program of Shankar Lamichhane Academy

Shankar Lamichhane was a Nepalese writer who introduced stream-of-consciousness into Nepalese literature. Shankar Lamichhane Academy was established in his honour. The main objective of the academy is to uplift the Nepali literature. 

Daya foundation provides annual support to the academy to uplift the Nepali literature and conserve our culture. 

On the 41st death anniversary of Late Shankar Lamichhane (on 18th March, 2017), Shankar Lamichhane Academy organized annual program to honor his deeds and few of the Nepalese writers. Daya foundation staffs attended the program and provided financial support to the academy representing Daya Foundation.

Some of the Popular quotes by Late Shankar Lamichhane:

“My life is an abstract life. I am avoiding it everyday and it’s avoiding me everyday.”

“Literature cannot be reality in a same way as literature cannot be idealistic.” 

“I am helpless because I achieved popularity more than what I actually am.” 

“I am not a man of the present. I am a man who is yet to be born, a thousand years from today. And in that distant future, these limitations of nationality, religion, faith and politics will no longer exist.”