Rural School Improvement Program

Since its inception, Daya Foundation has been actively working in the urban government schools of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. However, Daya foundation envisions expanding the school initiation to the rural parts of the country.

To broaden its support in education to primary schools in the rural improvised communities, Daya Foundation has established "Rural Schools Improvement Program". The first phase of the program will pilot through five primary schools from different rural parts of the country. The selected schools will have a holistic school improvement intervention targeted on academics, hygiene and civic sense, physical, mental and moral education and development of the library system. Daya Foundation will also organize trainings for the school leaders and primary teachers as part of the intervention. In addition, the program will also include scholarship for deserving students and recruitment of a teacher who will also be representative of the foundation. The program shall have quarterly based monitoring and evaluation in a year.

The project has been initiated in three schools until 2016. These schools are Janahit Rashtriya Prathmik Bidhyalaya from Chitwan, Grahmin Pathsala from Banepa and Shree Jana Jagrit Primary school from Gorkha. Two more schools will be added in the first phase of the program.