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Kathmandu, Nepal

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Daya Foundation For Education Health & Culture

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Kathmandu, Nepal

WhoAre We?

A small initiative driven by one man's dream to build better community grew to become Daya Foundation. We honor Mr. Dayaram Bhakta Mathema's vision, who has given us the purpose to serve our community, and are determined to deliver significant support and activities to educational, health and cultural initiatives. We believe in collaboration with implementing partners and agencies that are already functioning in these sectors for improving the lives of those unprivileged.

HowWe Work?

We are a registered non-profit organization that is operating in full-fledge. We provide financial, technical and volunteer assistance to different projects running in areas of Education, Health and Culture. We operate through contributions from Dayaram Bhakta Mathema's family and support from other philanthropic agencies or people.

Our core working principle is partnership with other NGOs, schools, colleges, youth groups, hospitals and healthcare centers, rehabilitation centers and community groups. Many such agencies have grown in Nepal with innovative ideas to improve lives of the Nepalese. We are guided by the idea to support them from the back-end and push them to implement such ideas and projects for our community.

Our Founder

LATE Mr. Dayaram Bhakta Mathema

A Statesman, Philanthropist and Social entrepreneur

LATE Dayaram Bhakta Mathema, a man who devoted more than five decades of his life to state and public service, lived with the dream to see a better community with better opportunities for education, health service and preserved cultural legacy. Born on January 25, 1927, Mr. Mathema saw the bitter reality of Nepalese society with daunting status of education and health services during the early 40's itself when he worked as a statesman for the Royal family.

Emerging from this long-standing desire to contribute to the society, it cultivated a vision in Mr.Mathema that took the form of Daya Foundation. The Foundation has a firm aim to bring positive changes in education, health and culture. Mr. Mathema also believed strongly in women's higher education and supported their empowerment. With this belief, Daya Foundation launched its first project "Kanti Ishwari Scholarship" on August, 2009 which has been providing scholarship to five women pursuing masters' course of women studies in Padma Kanya Campus, Tribhuwan University every year.

There has been no looking back since then. The foundation has initiated mid-day meal program for Bidhodaya School, Kathmandu and Bhairav Prathmik School, Dhulikhel with the intention to fulfill nutritional needs of students studying in government schools. It has been supporting another institution named Early Rehabilitation Centre (ERC) since its early days. The Foundation supports publication of Braille books every year, and also has launched social entrepreneurship activities for the visually-impaired. The foundation began its intervention in health sector by joining hands with Dhulikhel hospital, Chetrapati clinic and Nepal Ambulance Service by sponsoring health service machines, and organizing comprehensive community health camps. Similarly, it is also actively engaged to restore temples, water sprouts and preserving the historic house of Mathema family situated at Om: Bahal tole, Kathmandu.

Mr. Mathema passed away in 2008, but his vision and dream is alive in the form of Daya Foundation. The foundation is continuously working to develop ingenious programs for community welfare and development at present.

Our Mission

Daya Foundation envisions a more resilient Nepalese community having improved standards of education, health and culture. The foundation supports humanitarian initiatives working for the welfare of Nepalese and creates resources to alleviate community problems in these issue areas. The foundation facilitates the empowerment of the society as a whole through scholarship programs, healthcare improvement, delivering positive human values and entrepreneurship programs.

Our Objective

To provide financial/or in-kind and technical assistance to educational institutions to ensure smooth and healthy learning environment.

To initiate scholarship and fellowship opportunities for diligent students on merit and need- based criteria.

To collaborate with health institutions for holistic development of healthcare facilities for community.

To identify, restore and preserve the art and cultural heritage of Nepal.

To support various programs operating for the enrichment and promotion of Nepalese literature.

To deliver immediate relief and recovery programs for Nepalese community during vulnerable situations such as disasters.

To facilitate youth and women empowerment through entrepreneurship opportunities.

Board of Directors


Rajesh Pradhan


Meekha Mathema


Neeva M. Pradhan

General Secretary

Keepa Mathema Handa

Executive Founding Member

Sanil Joshi