Frequently Asked Questions

What does Daya Foundation do?

Daya Foundation works to support, facilitate and initiate programs to improve the standards of education, health and culture of the Nepalese community. It collaborates with various other NGOs, schools, hospitals, healthcare centers and community groups to provide them with assistance needed to operate projects in these areas.

Daya Foundation's main work commitment is the improvement of learning environment in schools, promoting efficient health services, preserving the cultural legacy of Nepalese community and delivering any type of community welfare whenever required, as per community needs.

Is Daya Foundation a political organization?

No, Daya Foundation is not a political organization. It is purely a philanthropic and social welfare agency. The foundation has been registered as a non-profit organization, and guided by the major principle of serving the community people.

How and where does Daya Foundation get its funds from?

As any other foundation, Daya Foundation also works solely with the help of contributions. Major contributors are from Dayaram Bhakta Mathema's family, and relatives. There are several other philanthropic people who contribute to the foundation's works.

Can I contribute to Daya Foundation as well?

Yes, anyone can become a contributor to Daya Foundation. He/she can donate amount as per his/her desire.

What benefit do I receive by contributing to Daya Foundation?

All of our contributors get the wonderful opportunity to become an invaluable part of the programs and initiatives run by the Foundation. Daya Foundation acknowledges all of its contributors with an authorized letter and certificate, and involvement in all such programs.

How can I contribute/donate to the foundation?

You can also contact for in-cash donation.

You can also contribute in-kind materials for schools, hospitals and healthcare centers with whom we have joined hands with.

Does Daya Foundation provide any volunteering opportunity? How can I sign up as a volunteer?

Yes, Daya Foundation provides internship and volunteering opportunities for students and youth. We have partnered with several schools, hospitals, healthcare centers and other such institutes working in education, health and cultural sector. We help to place our volunteers in these agencies as required.

You can always refer to the careers in our website for any volunteering and internship opportunity or contact the official address of Daya Foundation.