Blood Donation Drive 2019

Reports stated the country facing a shortage of blood following the sudden rise in its demand and a sharp fall in the collection. Nepal Red Cross Society had urged people (eligible for blood donation) for help to cope with the situation.

While thousands of people from across the country responded to the emergency request, Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management (SMSHM) was not an exception. Humanitarian act is core to the blood programme and this was reflected by the SMSHM students who voluntarily wanted to donate blood. Ms. Rachana Thapa, SMSHM Director approached Daya Foundation (DF) in collaborating with SMSHM to organize the program. DF has been supporting the full treatment of the cancer patients at Kanti Hospital since a few years and has experienced the trauma of facing acute shortage of blood during urgent needs.

Daya Foundation coordinated and sponsored the event by inviting Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) for blood collection. The blood Donation Drive was held on December 9, 2019 at SMSHM. About 109 pint blood was collected during the blood drive. The SMSHM students, few community people and volunteers donated blood with only one eligible donor with type O negative which is the universal donor. Each donor was provided with juice, snacks and the student community was recognized with certificates for their noble act of blood donation to save lives.

Ms. Kamala Chhetri, NRCS reported that although many blood donation campaigns were held within the valley, the collection was minimal like about 30 – 40 donors. But due to the young and healthy youths in SMSHM, the donor number was high.

Ms. Manita Rajkarnikar, NRCS director also conducted blood donation awareness class for the students stating that she herself has donated blood 23 times. She made the importance of blood donation very clear to the students which were an eye opener and added value to the noble cause.

Ms. Rachana Thapa also requested for conducting 2nd blood donation drive in summer after few months.

DF is glad to have coordinated with Nepal Red Cross, Ms. Manita Rajkarnikar and sponsor the blood drive. Also we are thankful to SMSHM Director Ms. Rachana Thapa and team for taking this noble initiative and partnership opportunity.

DF President Mr. Rajesh Pradhan and other board members were also present to support the event.

Since 2010 DF has focused on preventive health wellness programs and organized  annual health screenings and treatment for primary government school children  as well as  teachers last year,  however, we look forward to such partnership  and sponsor for a noble cause of blood drive .

"Donate Blood Save Life"