Affordable, Preventive Health Screening Program With Chhatrapati Hospital January – June 2019

Daya Foundation (DF) envisions a more resilient Nepalese community having improved standards of health and education. Committed to providing holistic educational support to the government schools, Daya Foundation also supports daily nutritious midday meals and annual health camps in the primary classes of 8 public schools. DF believes that educational goals cannot be achieved unless the student population and teachers both are healthy.  While Health Camps have been organized for the primary students regularly since inception, this year Daya Foundation sponsored the preventing health screening program (PHP) that was highly subsidized by Chhatrapati hospital for the 6 government school teachers along with our DF staff. A total of 74 teachers and staff were beneficiaries of this program.  It also helped build awareness about preventive health benefits, and gave them a sense of responsibility to take care of their own physical wellbeing. This created an environment of sustainability for all concerned.

 As part of its health mandate and Preventive Healthcare Initiative, DF has partnered with Chhatrapati Free Clinic (CFC) regularly to organize Annual health camps in urban government schools with full support for follow up treatment from DF when required. In the year 2016/17 DF and CFC jointly organized a preventive health screening program for the general public 160 participants benefitted. A major part of DF’s initiative is to prevent ailments that can occur in a person’s life so that curative measures are taken timely.  With growing stress levels and competition at work, frequent eating out, and fast food syndrome there is also a steady growth of lifestyle-related diseases like heart problems, diabetes, and cancers. All of them if not checked in time would lead to serious physical and monetary consequences. During times of very expensive hospital care and treatment in general, it is wiser to focus on the prevention of any disease or at least intervention at the early stages of the disease.

This year 2018/19 Daya Foundation again in partnership with CFC organized an Affordable Preventive Health Package, PHP for the government school teachers of 6 schools and DF staff. An MOU (attached below) was signed between DF and CFC ahead of the program. This extended for a period of 6 months from January 2019 to June 2019. CFC a community invested hospital with good leadership subsidized the PHP charges, Rs. 4000/- for males and Rs. 3000/- for females.