Free Eye and Dental Health Camp at Bidhodaya Primary School

On 13th May, 2016 Daya Foundation organized free eye and dental health camp for the students of Bidhyodaya Lower Secondary school, Jhochen in collaboration with Chhatrapati free health clinic.

This free eye and dental health camp organized in the school supported students with low socio economic status to get free dental and eye health check up. The foundation will also support the follow up treatment of each student at the clinic itself. The awareness session in each class helped to increase the knowledge level of the students on oral health and personal hygiene along with proper way of brushing and hand washing techniques. The program was followed up by necessary medical treatment such as basic eye correction for refractive errors and further eye and dental check up for students having such health problems.

Vision Screening: Vision screening session was conducted in the Library of Bidhyodaya School. This session started from 10:30 a.m and ended at 4:00 p.m. About 98 students participated in this session and about 22 eye problem cases such as refractive error, night blindness, excessive flow of tears, squint eye, redness of eye and whiteness around the pupil was identified. About eight volunteers, two member of Daya foundation and teachers of Bidhyodaya Lower Secondary school helped to make the vision screening session successful. One day orientation on vision screening was provided by Dr. Bina Shrestha of Chhatrapati Free Health Clinic.

Dental Check Up: The Dental Checkup session started at 10:30 a.m and ended at around 3: 00 p.m. The dental team of Chhatrapati free health clinic (3 dentists and 7 assistant) along with 1 volunteer helped to make the program successful. Around 113 students participated in this session and around 80 refer case were indentified who need further treatment.

Oral Health and Hygiene Awareness: Awareness classes was given by Dr. Tina, on the importance of oral health and proper brushing techniques while Saraswati Sharma, student of Public Health gave a class on personal hygiene and proper hand washing techniques.