Eye Camp at Bolde V.D.C of Kavrepalanchowk District

On 29th April, 2016, Dhulikhel Hospital with sponsorship from Daya Foundation organized free eye camp at Bolde V.D.C, Kavrepalanchowk. The eye camp provided the required medicines, spectacles and cataract surgeries to the needy people of Bolde community. They have been deprived of required treatment for eye problems due to financial problems, and lack of proper transportation to reach the hospital. The eye camp included both vision screening and medical eye check up for the people.

There were a total of 106 patients in the eye camp. Among the 106 patients, 44 patients were distributed with near spectacles and 36 patients with distance and/or bifocals. Similarly, 5 surgical cases which included 2 cataract surgeries, 2 pterygium excisions and 1 entropion correction have been conducted at the hospital after the completion of the eye camp. Required medicines were distributed to all the needy patients at the camp itself.