Autorefractometer Handover Ceremony to Chhetrapati Free Health Clinic

On May 30, 2016 Monday Daya Foundation and Chhetrapati Free Health Clinic organized a formal handover ceremony of Autorefractometer at Chhetrapati Free Health Clinic. The objective of this program was to support the community clinic with modern computerized technology machine to detect refractive error of the patient’s eyes. Chhetrapati Free Health Clinic is the community based clinic with the vision of providing free health care to the underprivileged and quality health care to all. Mr. Sanil Joshi, asst. treasurer of Daya Foundation handed over the Autorefractometer to the chairman of Chhatrapati Free Health Clinic Mr. Bijay Mali. The Daya Foundation staff and Chhatrapati Free Health Clinic management team were also present at the event. The Autorefractometer was then set up at the eye department of Chhatrapati Free Health Clinic.

Autorefractometer is a machine that is used to detect the refractive error of the patient through computerized vision testing. This machine will help to provide more accurate result of refractive error than our traditional practice of vision testing.