Pramod Shrestha Director
Early Rehabilitation Center(ERC)

On behalf of the Early Rehabilitation Center (ERC), we would like to express our gratitude to Daya Foundation for all your efforts, goodwill and support to publish 4 books (Mahatma Gandhi, 2067, Mother Teresa, 2067, Bishwo Ko Bal Katha, 2068 and Buddha life story) in Braille format and helping us to establish the Braille Book Production Center at ERC. These books are distributed (free of cost) in some 60 schools all over Nepal where visually challenged students are pursuing their studies. The support from Daya Foundation in publishing reference books (for the first time in Nepal) in braille format has enabled visually challenged children to experience the joy of reading. I hope one day a Braille-reading child will write: "I am totally blind and Daya Foundation has opened a door for me that I am very grateful for! Thank you for helping me to read and learn."

Rabin Kumar Tamang Principal
Shree Bidhyodaya Lower Secondary School, Jhochen

We would like to express our gratitude to Daya Foundation for their devotion and contribution in enhancing the quality of education for our students. We appreciate the daily nutritious mid-day meals, clean drinking water, value based education and organizing trainings for our students and teachers.

Shrijana KCGraduate, Women Studies
Padma Kanya Campus

Daya Foundation scholarship is a seed of inspiration to continue our higher education as women. I along with my friends of the 14th batch of PK Campus are very grateful to be honored with the scholarship. This helps us to contribute back in the area of women's development in Nepal.
Sadhana ShresthaExecutive Director
TEWA - Nepal Women's Fund

It is a privilege and honor to work with Daya Foundation whose generous grants have empowered women in Far Western Nepal to increase their access and opportunities, their voice and visibility. The Foundation's support for the annual tree plantation fundraising event and support for the library at TEWA shows their commitment. Collaborating with Daya Foundation has been extremely gratifying.