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Transforming Lives, Together

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The Daya Foundation emerged from the vision of the late Mr. Dayaram Bhakta Mathema, a noted philanthropist and businessman, whose dream of building a better community catalyzed its establishment. This foundation honors his legacy and serves as a dynamic force committed to enhancing the community through educational, health, and cultural initiatives. The Daya Foundation actively collaborates with existing implementing partners and agencies, leveraging their expertise and infrastructure to amplify the impact on the lives of the underprivileged. Through these collaborations, the foundation strives to fulfill the late Mr. Mathema's vision by delivering substantial support and fostering a spirit of collective effort and shared purpose.

At the Daya Foundation, we operate as a fully registered non-profit organization, providing substantial support in the realms of education, health, and culture. Our operations are primarily funded by contributions from the family of the late Dayaram Bhakta Mathema, complemented by support from other philanthropic agencies and individuals.

Our method of operation is centered around partnerships. We collaborate extensively with other non-governmental organizations, schools, colleges, youth groups, hospitals, healthcare centers, rehabilitation centers, and community groups. These partnerships allow us to leverage a broad network of resources and expertise, enhancing our capacity to support innovative projects that aim to improve the lives of Nepalese citizens. We are committed to supporting our partners from behind the scenes, empowering them to bring their innovative ideas to life and make a meaningful impact on our community.

About Us

Transforming Lives, Together



The Daya Foundation is committed to fostering a more resilient Nepalese community, with enhanced standards in education, health, and cultural development. Dedicated to humanitarian efforts, the foundation supports initiatives aimed at improving the welfare of the Nepalese people and creates resources designed to address and alleviate community challenges in these critical areas.

Through a variety of impactful programs, the foundation actively facilitates the empowerment of society. These programs include scholarship opportunities that enable academic advancement, healthcare improvements that increase accessibility and quality of medical services, and initiatives that promote positive human values. Additionally, the foundation encourages entrepreneurship, helping individuals to develop skills and start businesses that contribute to economic growth and community well-being. Together, these efforts underline the Daya Foundation's commitment to building a stronger, more empowered Nepalese community.



  • Support Educational Institutions: Provide financial, in-kind, and technical assistance to educational institutions to promote a smooth and healthy learning environment.
  • Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities: Initiate scholarship and fellowship programs for diligent students based on merit and need, fostering access to educational opportunities.
  • Collaborate with Health Institutions: Work in partnership with health institutions to support the holistic development of healthcare facilities that serve the community effectively.
  • Cultural Heritage Preservation: Identify, restore, and preserve the rich art and cultural heritage of Nepal, ensuring that historical and cultural artifacts are maintained for future generations.
  • Promote Nepalese Literature: Support various programs that aim to enrich and promote Nepalese literature, enhancing the national literary heritage.
  • Disaster Relief and Recovery: Deliver immediate relief and recovery programs to support the Nepalese community during vulnerable situations, such as natural disasters and other crises.
  • Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship: Facilitate entrepreneurship opportunities, particularly for youth and women, to empower them economically and socially within their communities.


A Thriving Nepal and improved education, health and culture, guided by positive Values and entrepreneurship


Empowerment, Integrity, Collaboration, Compassion, Sustainability
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Transforming Lives, Together