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Cultural Preservation

Education sector

Educational Empowerment Initiatives

Daya Foundation is honored to present Daya Foundation Kanti Ishwori Scholarship to 5 selected students of Women’s Studies Program under Central Department of Home Science, Tribhuvan University at Padma Kanya Campus. The scholarship cheque was presented to Prof. Dr. Jaya Laxmi Pradhan, Chairperson of the Central Department of Home Science. Daya Foundation Kanti Ishwori Scholarship was introduced in Central Department of Home Science in 2067 B.S. for the 14th batch. 56 students have received the scholarship so far. The main objective of Women’s Studies Program is to acknowledge and establish women’s life experience in academia, produce gender and development professionals through empowered girls and women.
Health sector

Health Empowerment Initiatives

On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, Daya Foundation, in collaboration with numerous organizations and donors, united to commemorate and raise awareness about blood donation by organizing a seven day long program. They also orchestrated a blood donation program, awareness rally and competitions in the school. Mrs. Neeta Ghiraiya and Mr. Prem Sagar Karmacharya, as blood donors, graciously contributed their blood for the 161st and 174th instances, respectively. #DonateBloodSaveLife
Cultural sector

Culture Empowerment Initiatives

In Newari tradition, yo (favorite) Mari ( mithai) is one of the favorite winter delicacies. When Children turned two years of age they were adorned with yomari necklace mala. The two-year birthday is an auspicious celebration. Families gather together and learn the intricate art of making this special dish. Yomari is made with rice flour and it is shaped like a fish. In Newari community it is popular in the time of December during the full moon. This festival is dedicated to the goddess of grain, Annapurna. In a traditional society where love restrictive among the younger generation, Yomari Punhi’s ‘Yomari Fonegu’ culture was used as a sneaking day to meet the partner offering the Yomari to their beloved.